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Available Positions:

Collegiate Sports Positions

Duke University. Assistant Sports Dietitian. 
The Assistant Sports Dietitian will work directly under the supervision of the Director of Sports Nutrition. The Assistant Sports Dietitian will collaborate with the Director of Sports Nutrition in the planning, development, implementation, evaluation and management of the sports nutrition services provided to student-athletes representing all Intercollegiate Athletic teams. Provides nutrition assessment, develops nutrition care plans, and provides individual medical nutrition therapy as part of a multidisciplinary sports medicine team; Collaborates with Athletic Medicine Staff regarding individual athlete care and health related department programs; Provides direction and communicates the value of nutrition programs designed to promote the health and sports performance of student athletes, which includes counseling individuals and groups on daily nutrition for performance and health; Assists teams with meals, menu planning, and game-time fueling for home and travel competition; Conducts team talks and provides educational material, including grocery store tours, dining hall tours, cooking classes, and more; Educates teams on the use of supplements, ergogenic aids, and banned substances; Evaluates nutritional trends and supplement products; Assists the Director of Sports Nutrition, Sports Performance Staff, and Athletic Medicine Staff with management of the Gatorade Fuel Bars; Assists the Director of Sports Nutrition in menu planning, education and advisement for the Football and Olympic Sport Training Tables; Conducts team body composition testing via BodPod; Provides counseling and care for high risk populations, including eating disorders and disordered eating; Maintains professional competency and skills required for professional practice.
Requirements: Bachelor’s degree in Nutrition, Dietetics, or related field and Registered Dietitian credential required. Master’s Degree required. Minimum of two years’ experience in a collegiate sports nutrition program. Excellent oral and written communication skills, interpersonal skills, time and priority management skills, and ability to work as a supportive team member toward the goals of the Duke Sports Nutrition Department.
Apply here: Duke University
Posted 4/19/17

University of North Texas. Food Department Nutritionist.
Join the University of North Texas Dining Services department where fresh is “in”! All of our food is prepared fresh in our kitchens using local vendors and farms – no convenience foods. Our Dining Services department includes a nationally acclaimed vegan cafeteria, faculty and staff meal plans, and dining halls open to the community. All menu planning is done in-house by each kitchen’s chef and fresh ice cream and baked goods are made on campus. Our Retail Dining operations offer in house and national branded concepts. The University of North Texas -Dining Services department is seeking to hire an Assistant Director III to function as the Food Department Nutritionist. The Food Department Nutritionist provides individual and group/team nutrition counseling and education to enhance the performance of competitive and recreational athletes, on-site and during travel. This position reports directly to the Executive Director of Dining Service for general direction and guidance but works with the Operations Director for day to day operating needs. The Nutritionist works directly with cafeteria managers, chefs, coaches and trainers to ensure the daily dietary needs of students and student athletes are provided. The Nutritionist must be able to develop a strong team of dietary interns with an emphasis on ensuring student athletes understand the nutritional demands of their sport on their body. Responsibilities: Counseling individuals and groups on daily nutrition for performance and health; Translating the latest scientific evidence into practical sports nutrition recommendations; Tracking and documenting outcomes of nutrition services; Serving as a food and nutrition resource for coaches, trainers, chefs, cafeteria managers and parents; Providing sports nutrition education for health/wellness programs, athletic teams, and community groups; Maintaining professional competency and skills required for professional practice.
Requirements: The successful candidate will possess a Bachelor’s Degree in related field and five years of professional related experience; or any equivalent combination of education, training and experience. Preferred: Registered Dietitian; Bachelor’s degree in clinical nutrition, food and nutrition, or related area, granted from a U.S. regionally accredited college or university; Minimum of 2 years’ experience in nutrition counseling, preferably with emphasis on sports nutrition.
Posted 4/17/17

University of Florida. Performance Dietitian. 
Provides nutrition education and outreach to student-athletes, teams, coaches, and staff.  Provides individual nutrition counseling and educational services to student-athletes.  Provides team talks; cooking classes; print, electronic, and social media education; and hands-on, point-of-service nutrition education and intervention at meal times.  Maintains ongoing communication with coaching staffs, strength & conditioning staff, athletic trainers, team physicians, mental health staff, and administration regarding nutritional issues affecting the student athletes. Responsibilities: Provides education to physicians, athletic trainers, strength & conditioning coaches, and coaches regarding nutritional needs for teams, and special nutritional needs for specific student-athletes; Develops effective, sport-specific nutrition educational presentations, brochures and displays. Nutrition education presentations are delivered in both formal and informal settings; Completes nutrition screenings and provides nutrition counseling services to individual student-athletes, including but not limited to review/design of menus, body composition analysis, and dietary intake analysis. Researches and analyzes scientific and lay reports related to nutrition and athletic performance,  evaluates ‘nutritional’ product supplements and ‘diets’ purported to enhance nutrition performance and translates the findings into recommendations for physicians, coaches, strength and conditioning coaches, athletic trainers and student athletes. Reviews restaurant/vendor menus for planning pre- and post-competition meals for both home and away events to optimize menu item selection for athletic performance. Participates in sports nutrition staff meetings, and sports health staff meeting as needed. Oversees fueling specialist interns, to ensure fueling stations are appropriately staffed, stocked, and managed, including consistent signage and messaging. Collects information for applied sport nutrition variables and Sports Nutrition Department outcomes. Provides live-meal coaching to facilitate education to student-athletes at team meals and training table. Supervise volunteers and dietetic interns as required.
Requirements: Bachelor’s Degree in a related field and Registered Dietitian credential required, Master’s Degree required.  CSSD credential preferred. Florida licensure required upon hire. A minimum of two years experience in sports nutrition is required; experience in a collegiate or professional setting is preferred. Strong computer skills and the ability to communicate effectively both verbally and in writing are essential. The ability to work a non-standard workweek, which may include nights, weekends, and holidays, is mandatory.
Posted 4/12/17 

University of Georgia. Director of Sports Nutrition. 
Direct and manage all aspects of nutritional services for varsity student athletes with the University of Georgia Athletic Association (UGAAA).  This includes, but is not limited to, working closely with UGAAA personnel as well as outside consultants and / or vendors in a collaborative effort to provide the highest quality performance and medical nutrition. 30%   Provides educational and nutritional counseling to UGA student athletes; Provide nutritional care; Refer to team physician as appropriate; Consult with sports medicine staff re: injuries / illnesses; Consult with coaching staff re: performance standards; May include practice and competition coverage, home or away.  30%  Provides food services management/facilitation; Follow NCAA and SEC rules and regulations. 30%  Maintains administrative work and professional development; Coordinate nutrition services for all student-athletes in intercollegiate athletic programs for the University of Georgia Athletic Association; Supervise sports nutrition staff; Utilize uniform documentation system for testing and counseling; Develop educational materials and opportunities for student-athletes; Maintain certification(s) and licensure with appropriate continuing education; Oversee all permissible food service lines; 5%  Performs body composition analysis for student athletes; Organize and regulate sports nutrition testing lab; Including but not limited to BodPod and DXA. 5%  Provides nutritional supplement management; Utilize a food first approach; Supervise nutritional supplement inventory; Research products used by student athletes for safety and compliance standards.
Requirements: Bachelor’s degree required and master’s degree preferred. Must be a Registered Dietician who is eligible for licensure in the state of Georgia required. CSSD (Certified Specialist in Sports Dietetics) credential is highly recommended. Five or more years experience working as a Sports Nutritionist is required. Must have a high level of practical, sports-specific nutrition knowledge and experience. Should be well versed in all aspects of Body Composition Analysis, Performance Nutrition, Medical Nutrition, and Disordered Eating.  Should have experience facilitating food services and maintaining a budget. Must have experience with individualized nutrition counseling as well as group nutrition planning.  Effective oral and written communication skills are critical.  Must be able to supervise employees in an effective and objective manner.  Should be capable of problem solving and conflict resolution.  Must be able to work in collaboration with sports medicine staff, strength and conditioning coaches, and sport coaches to create an optimal health and performance environment.
Apply here: University of Georgia Job number: 20170613
Posted 4/12/17

University of California, Berkeley. Sports Nutritionist.
The Department of Intercollegiate Athletics consists of more than 275 staff members and coaches and sponsors 30 varsity sports programs. These 30 programs include more than 850 student-athletes who participate in the various sports programs annually within the National Collegiate Athletics Association (NCAA). We are currently seeking a Sports Nutritionist for our Sports Medicine unit. Responsible for providing nutritional counseling and education services to student¬-athletes, working closely with coaches and the food service contractor in planning nutritionally sound meals. Working in collaboration with Staff and Head Athletic Trainer, Strength and Conditioning Staff, Coaches/Staff, and Team Physicians. Responsibilities: Present lectures, seminars, and workshops on sports nutrition to student-¬athletes and coaches, including pre¬season nutrition overviews; Provide individual nutritional counseling to student¬-athletes; Provide assistance to food service contractor in planning menus for the training table; Provide assistance in planning pre and post-¬competition meals, both at home and on the road; Identify athletes with eating disorders and work with physicians and counselors in treatment; Develop nutrition education/intervention and sports nutrition programs; Establish nutritional assessment and treatment policies and procedures; Establish nutritional supplement use policies and procedures, including investigation of potential supplements; Determine budgetary needs for IA nutritional programs; Assist with Drug and Alcohol Education program via supplement education; Develop materials on nutrition and weight control; Supervise use of results from Body Composition Measurement System; Research and analyze scientific and lay reports related to nutrition and athletic performance, including nutritional supplements and diets, translating the findings into sound advice for coaches, medical staff, and student athletes; Maintain knowledge of departmental activities, sports schedules, and procedures; Be liaison for Coaches/Staff with University, University Health Service, Pac 12, Cal IA, and NCAA policies and procedures related to nutrition; Perform duties as assigned.
Requirements: Experience as a Sports Nutritionist in competitive athletic environment, 1 year experience minimum; Ability to meet the extensive time commitments required for a Division I program (after hours coverage, weekend travel for event coverage, etc.); Sensitivity to student-¬athlete issues; Proven ability to meet multiple demands in a high ¬volume, fast¬ paced clinical environment; Proven ability to work independently, prioritize and complete tasks in a timely manner; Excellent interpersonal communication skills required for working with a diverse group of patients, clinical staff, managers and visitors; Strong written communication skills; Excellent organizational skills with accuracy and attention to detail; Ability to maintain confidentiality and discretion, handling sensitive matters involving patients; Computer literacy, including working knowledge of word processing programs; Ability to work with and in a diverse environment; Comfort working in a complex, dynamic, fast paced environment.
Apply here: University of California, Berkeley
Posted 4/12/17

Texas A&M University. Nutritionist. 
The Nutritionist is responsible for providing nutrition counseling and education service to student-athletes. Provide assistance setting up team meals for all sports. Research scientific articles related to sports nutrition, weight management and supplements. Interact with sports medicine team and strength & conditioning coaches to discuss optimal nutrition practices for teams and individuals. Plan pre-competition and in-competition fueling, and post-competition recovery for home and away competitions. Provide nutrition counseling in consultation with the Director of Performance Nutrition and support during one on one appointments, office hours and team meeting with staff and student-athletes. Develop and deliver effective nutrition education presentations and materials. Schedule and prepare team meetings and education materials with department staff. Manage student workers and volunteers to coordinate deliveries, fueling and recovery stations and travel nutrition supplies. Take body composition measurements and counsel athletes on nutrition strategies to achieve optimal body composition for performance and overall health. Maintains continual and thorough familiarity with all applicable NCAA, Conference and University rules and regulations. Establishes and ensures communication and enforcement of rules and regulations concerning student-athlete: conduct, appearance, road games, punctuality and other areas as deemed appropriate.
Requirements: Bachelor’s degree. One year of full-time experience or two years part time, paid or volunteer experience as a student nutritionist. Registered Dietitian. Ability to obtain Texas state license. Preferred: Master’s Degree.
Apply here: Texas A&M
Posted 4/12/17

Louisiana State University. Assistant Dietitian.
65% Facilitation of nutrition education and resources for teams: Assist teams with meals, menu planning, and game-time fueling for home and travel competition as well as meals incidental to participation; Coordinate pre-season fueling for practices and snacks for teams; Conduct team talks, including grocery store tours, cooking demonstrations, team nutrition guides and nutrition area signage; Educate teams on use of supplements, ergogenic aids, and banned substances; Periodic attendance of practices and competitions; Provide individual nutrition counseling to athletes referred by Physician, Athletic Trainers or Coach; Conduct team body composition testing, per department policy, via BIA (SECA) and DEXA in conjunction with the Kinesiology Department. 25% Work with vendors and contracted food service department to manage food and supplement inventory; Assist in ordering and stocking for department wide fueling stations; Manage volunteer nutrition staff and scheduling; Assist with creating and implementing a food labeling system/education material for up-coming nutrition center; Develop and design educational handouts, articles and blog posts for LSU’s Healthy Tiger Blog and social media pages; Facilitate annual eating disorder screen; Work collaboratively with multidisciplinary team; Assist in policy development. 10% Participate in recruiting visits; Conduct team camp talks upon request of team staff; Assist with other miscellaneous duties assigned by Director of Sports Nutrition.
Requirements: Bachelor’s degree with one year as a Graduate Assistant or Intern in a collegiate sports setting; Registered Dietition; LA licensure or licensure eligible; Excellent oral and written communication skills, interpersonal skills, time and prioroty management skills and ability to work as a supportive team member toward agreed upon goals. Preferred: Master’s degree; CSSD.
Apply here: LSU
Posted 4/12/17

University of Texas. Coordinator of Sports Nutrition. (Part-Time)
Responsibilities: Direct and oversee grab/go fueling program; Oversee day-to-day opera ons of fuel stations; Daily inspection of each fuel station to meet our high quality standard – cleanliness, organization, food safety, nutrition education. Manage ordering of approved foods and nutritional supplements. Receive inventory at central receiving and organizing distribution to fuel stations around campus. Manage and maintain records, such as inventory and temperature logs. Manage lunch/dinner delivery to athletes as needed. Train & assist with management of Texas Performance Nutrition Volunteer students in fuel station on responsibilities. Assist with management of schedule of Texas Performance Nutrition Volunteer students. Develop nutrition education materials in coordination on with nutrition education on plan of each sport. Other duties as assigned.
Requirements: Food handlers permit; Ability to work a non-standard workweek, which may include nights, weekends, and holidays. Excellent time and priority management skills; Ability to work independently and follow through on assignments. Ability to work as an integral part of performance nutrition team; Capable of delegating tasks/dues effectively and efficiently to volunteer student workers; Effective oral and written skills; Organizational and attention to detail skills; Strong interpersonal skills. Preferred: RD or RD eligible looking to gain experience in collegiate sports nutrition program; Bachelor’s in nutritional sciences.
Apply here: Submit the following REQUIRED application materials to the Hiring Contact (email [email protected]): Employment Application:  Resume;  Cover Letter including why you are interested in serving on the Performance Nutrition team;  2 Professional and/or Academic; References;  Current availability.
Posted 4/5/17

Professional Sports Positions

New York Jets. Sports Dietitian.
The New York Jets are looking for a Sports Dietitian who has a winning/positive attitude and a strong understanding of performance nutrition specific to NFL football with ability to develop and maintain positive rapport and communication with players and staff. Job Duties: Provide players, coaches, staff, and New York Jets organization with Nutritional Support; Meet with in-house chef in regards to meals during the off-season, training camp, and in- season; make recommendations on quality, quantity and preparation of team meals; Continually review travel (plane), hotel, and post-game recovery meals and review findings with Head Strength and Conditioning Coach, Head Athletic Trainer, and Director of Football Operations; Meet with Head Strength and Conditioning coach and Head Athletic Trainer on Rookie orientation seminars and possible off-season nutritional seminars. This could include cooking, shopping, performance, hydration, and recovery seminars for our newly acquired players.

  • February / March: Available for player consultations, meal, and caloric monitoring. No scheduled visits at the NY Jets Complex during these months.
  • April / May / June: Meet with players and/or designated individuals 40 hrs a week at the facility. Review of minicamp meals at NY Jets Complex. Review off-season and training camp menus, with regards to quality, macronutrient and caloric breakdowns of meals offered. Meet with Rookies one/two times a month during May and June.
  • July / August: Attend training camp 40 hrs a week or as needed to review meal preparations with team chef. This schedule is based on training camp and pre-season game schedule.
  • September / October / November / December / January: Available for consultations in addition to home and away game travel based on 40 hrs a week. To be available at scheduled breakfast, lunch and post-practice recovery periods. This schedule is based on season game schedule.

Requirements: Must be a Registered Dietitian(RD) / Board Certified Specialist in Sports Dietetics (CSSD); Bachelor’s degree in Nutritional Sciences, Exercise Physiology or relevant field; Would require 3 to 5 years of experience working as sports RD for professional/collegiate football team; Must be able to work with players that have long-standing weight issues and teach behavior modifications for those individuals requiring them. Must be able to design weight and meal program based on energy and macronutrient requirements. High level of confidentiality must be maintained always in accordance with HIPPA specifications.
Apply here: NY Jets
Posted 3/29/17

Texas Rangers. Assistant, Nutrition Program.
Texas Ranger Nutrition Program Aide/Assistant (dietitian) will assist in the development of performance nutrition educational materials and presentations. Under the direction of the Texas Ranger’s Team Nutritionist, provide one-on-one counseling with Spanish-speaking players and work with Dominican Complex in menu planning and implementation of the nutrition program.
Requirements: Bachelor’s Degree Nutrition or related field from an accredited college or university is required; Must be certified as a Registered Dietitian; Previous experience in Sports Nutrition; Previous experience working effectively in a high performance environment with elite athletes and coaches; Must be able to communicate effectively in both English and Spanish; Travel will be required.
Apply here: Texas Rangers
Posted 3/24/17

Tactical Positions 

Human Performance Resource Center (HPRC) in the Department of Military and Emergency Medicine (MEM). Sports Nutritionist. (Bethesda, MD).
HJF is a Senior Nutritionist to support the Human Performance Resource Center (HPRC) in the Department of Military and Emergency Medicine (MEM) located at Uniformed Services University for the Health Sciences (USUHS) in Bethesda, Maryland.  HJF provides scientific, technical and programmatic support services to USUHS. Responsible for performance and general nutrition material for a health and wellness website, to include short to medium length articles, listing of resources, and working on special projects for the website. In addition to the website, work on outreach efforts with Service members to gain insight of their nutritional needs. Responsibilities: Serve as key scientific resource, or subject matter expert, for the Human Performance Resource Center on performance and general nutrition; Reviews and translates performance nutrition literature into educational materials; Create, review and update nutrition resources on the topic of general and performance nutrition and specialty diets designed for military. In addition, evaluate the significance of new directions and emerging trends to optimize performance in accordance with DoD missions and objectives; Leads with multi-media team to develop storyboards, audio scripts, videos, info-graphics, social media campaigns and other novel educational platforms as available, on the topic of general nutrition and performance nutrition; Evaluates the significance of new directions and emerging trends to optimize performance in accordance with DoD missions and objectives; Responsible for answering nutrition questions emailed by physicians/medics/Service members; Assists with promoting the HPRC website and the Nutrition domain at related conferences, meetings and social media outlets; Works with analytics team to establish and maintain databases for tracking and tabulating new information related to nutrition as it relates to performance, particularly in the military; Directs and mentors interns, students, and CHAMP Research Assistants/Associates as necessary; Aid other staff members interpret literature; Completes other projects as needed.
Requirements: Thorough knowledge of performance nutrition and ability to adapt nutrition concepts to the military (readiness, performance optimization); ability to develop nutritional education plans, conceptualize multi-media nutrition resources, and monitor science and trends in performance nutrition; excellent interpersonal and communication skills; Master’s degree in nutrition, RD, CSSD; 4-6 years experience in nutrition education; Registered Dietitian credential through Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics; CSSD.
Apply here: HJF
Posted 3/28/17

Quarterline. Sports Dietitian (Fort Bragg, NC)
QuarterLine provides professional health care staffing services to military hospitals and health clinics across the United States.  We are currently seeking a full-time Sports Dietitian in support of the United States Special Operations Command (USSOCOM) at Fort Bragg in Fayetteville, NC. The USSOCOM’s mission is to provide fully capable Special Operations Forces to defend the United States and its interests. The Sports Dietitians will support the services needed to increase the physical and behavioral capacity and resilience of Special Operations Forces (SOF) Warriors, with consideration of their families. The Sports Dietitian provides guidance and counseling on nutritional practices to enhance recovery and optimize performance. The Sports Dietitian performs administrative and clinical duties within their scope of practice. The position is under the administrative supervision of the HPP manager.
Requirements: Possess a master’s level degree in Nutrition Science or related field; Certification from the American Dietetic Association (ADA) as a Registered Dietitian (RD) and a specialty certification as a Certified Specialist in Sports Dietetics (CSSD). CSSD certification may be waived if all other qualifications are met; however, the SD should earn the CSSD within six months of employment if waived. Certification as a Certified Strength and conditioning Specialist (CSCS) is desired, but not required. The Dietician will possess a current and valid state certification/licensure; Minimum of five years of experience in sports nutrition and a history of working with elite athletes is highly desired. Certification as a Certified Strength and conditioning Specialist (CSCS) is desired, but not required. The SD should be capable of meeting physical demands of training with SOF including the ability to hike over rough terrain and function in austere environments to observe SOF training evolutions and the ability to assist with strength and conditioning testing and training protocols. Must be able to lift and manipulate loads and plates up to 25 kilograms. May be required to receive and maintain clinical practice privileges.
Apply here: ADP Workforce Now
Posted 3/24/17

Sterling Medical. Health Promotion Dietitian (Barksdale Air Force Base).
Requirements: Completion of a Bachelor’s degree from an accredited college in a didactic program for dietetics approved by the Commission on Accreditation for Dietetics Education of the American Dietetic Association (ADA); Current registration by the CDR through the ADA. Must maintain currency through continuing education in dietetics and nutrition in compliance with CDR of the ADA requirements.; Must be Board Eligible Certified Specialist in Sports Dietetics by the ADA (attachment included); Must possess 3 years of experience in wellness, sports nutrition or nutrition education; Should be a role model in weight, fitness, and other healthy lifestyles; Hours: M-F 730a-430pm; Rate: 31/hr with 2 weeks of PTO + 10 federal holidays paid off; Benefits available!
Apply here: Christa Rouse 513-984-1800 extension 153859-360-7961[email protected]
Posted 3/19/17

Graduate Assistant, Internship and Fellowship Positions

University of Nebraska. Volunteer Intern.
This volunteer internship opportunity is intended for highly‐motivated individuals who are interested in gaining valuable experience in the performance dietetics profession. The volunteer performance nutrition team member will help execute day to day operations, work with select teams, and assist the performance dietitians based on assigned tasks. This is a great opportunity for someone looking to break into the field and gain hours towards their CSSD certification. Responsibilities: Work with assigned sports. Tasks may include but are not limited to: Assist in meal selections for team travel; Assist in individual meal planning and monitoring; Assist in clerical tasks; Assist in practices/games; Deliver team nutrition presentations; Inform Performance RDs regarding nutrition concerns and needs of individualized student athletes;  Assist in daily delivery and distribution of nutrition products;  Assist in monitoring and running fueling stations;  Assist with product management (receiving, storing, and tracking);  Attend and present at nutrition staff meetings;  Assist in developing educational material;  Assist in providing articles, tips, and pictures for social media accounts;  Perform other duties/tasks as assigned by the Performance Dietitian(s).
Requirements: RD or RD eligible (be able to sit for exam within 3 months of hire);  Possess Bachelors in Dietetics, or related field. Ability to maintain confidentiality and adhere to all department and university policies and procedures, as well as the rules, regulations, bylaws and interpretations of the Big Ten Conference and NCAA;  Ability to work independently and as an integral member of the performance nutrition team;  Ability to work effectively and efficiently in a fast‐paced environment while still paying attention to detail;  Possess strong time and priority management skills;  Possess effective oral and written communication skills;  Practice safe food handling skills;  Be able to lift, push, pull objects up to 30 lbs;  Be reliable and dependable and accomplishing assigned tasks.
Apply here: Interested candidates please send resume to Tommy Jensen, [email protected]
Posted 4/17/17

Mississippi State University. Sports Nutrition Graduate Assistant.
Two year Graduate Assistant position – One year renewable contract. Job duties: The Sports Nutrition GA position is responsible for assisting in providing individual counseling, developing team nutrition talks, seminars, and education to enhance the health and performance of elite student athletes competing for a highly competitive, Division I athletics program. Assist teams with meal planning and travel nutrition; assist in counseling athletes on proper nutrition, supplements, ergogenic aids, use of banned substances; assist with fueling stations during practices and games; assist in nutrition preparation for athletic events; assist with Aramark catered and foodservice Athletic Training Table meals and snacks, food labeling system and educational materials; be liaison for body composition via BodPod and DEXA; Develop and provide team nutrition education through team presentations, small groups, emails, web site development, educational handouts, newsletters, signage and other creative means; Assist in the ordering, disbursement and budgeting for all student-athletes/teams to receive sport performance drinks, nutrition bars, vitamins and other supplementation; assist with pre-season football training camp; organize and deliver team requested food items. Perform or assist with grocery store tours and cooking demonstrations. Manage dietetic student volunteers and Intern schedules/assignments; and other duties as needed.
Requirements: Bachelor’s degree in Nutrition, Dietetics or related field; Registered Dietitian with MS licensure or licensure eligible. Ideal candidate will be organized and able to work independently and effectively in a fast-paced, intense environment; possess strong computer skills, specifically with Microsoft Office. Knowledge of NCAA rules and regulations required.
Apply here: Email cover letter, resume, and three references to: [email protected] Interviews may be held during CPSDA conference. Start date is August 1st or earlier.
Posted 4/12/17

University of Utah. Sports Science Internship.
University of Utah Athletics invites applications for our inaugural summer sport science internship program. Two positions will be accepted. This announcement is for the position of Sport Science Intern, and the position of Sports Analytics and Technology Intern. The program start date is June 1, 2017 and will conclude approximately August 31, 2017 (depending on availability). These are an unpaid positions. Both interns can expect to: Learn from highly experienced professionals in a collaborative, high-performance sport environment; Actionize a personal professional development goal by breaking it into a finite series of achievable objectives, and then pressing the launch button; Assist with the completion of ongoing inter-departmental collaboration project; Join one staff member’s effort on an existing sport science research, analytics, or technology project that is most appealing based on career objectives; Evaluate existing processes related to research, technology, and analytics, and initiate execution of recommended improvements; Draft lesson plans based on things learned in the internship that can be added to the toolkit used to teach staff how to perform new operations, such as statistical and BI tools; Support daily implementation of student-athlete assessment, monitoring training, analysis, and other interventions based on individual background; Participate in high-performance and sports performance team meetings; Contribute to daily operations and administrative tasks
Requirements: Minimal qualifications: A strong desire to pursue a career in high performance sport, with particular interest in becoming a sport scientist, analyst, or technologist; Punctuality, passion, a growth mindset, and a strong work-ethic; Ability to volunteer up to 40 hours per week. Preferred qualifications for the Sport Science Intern: Senior status or completion of a bachelor’s degree in exercise science, sport science, nutrition, athletic training, psychology, wellness, or other scientific field; Experience as a volunteer, intern, or professional from any area of sports performance service (strength & conditioning, athletic training, sports nutrition, sport science, wellness, etc.); Certification (C.S.C.S, SCCC, USAW, ATC, RD, etc.) in a professional domain from which this internship will poach you CPR certification; Preferred qualifications for the Sports Analytics and Technology Intern: Senior status or completion of a bachelor’s degree in computer science, mathematics, engineering, information systems, business intelligence, analytics or statistics, economics, or other related field; Experience as a volunteer, intern, or professional in a sports setting
Apply here: Please create an application packet by combining the following four pages into one pdf document: cover letter (page 1), resume (page 2), resume without name (page 3), and three professional references (page 4). Please email application to Ernie Rimer, Director of Sports Science: e[email protected]
Deadline: Applications will be accepted until April 28; Applications received by April 17 will be given higher priority
Posted 4/5/17

University of Alabama. Performance Nutrition Internship. 
The Athletic Support Assistant will work with the Athletic Department staff and student athletes. The incumbent will assist in the everyday duties as specified by the sport or department they are assigned to. This position will assist in providing nutrition expertise for assigned teams in concert with the Director of Performance Nutrition.
Requirements: Bachelor’s degree in any field, OR individuals currently enrolled in college completing their undergraduate studies. Preferred: Bachelor’s degree in any field, OR individuals currently enrolled in college completing their undergraduate studies.
Apply here: University of Alabama
Posted 3/30/17

Hiring Managers, Human Resources Professionals, and Program Directors:

Please contact Victoria Lambert, CPSDA Professional Development Chair, to submit available positions.

All opportunities will remain active until the closing date provided or for 30 days, whichever is longer. If you wish to re-post the position or keep it active, send a request and the closing date will be updated.