Sports Nutrition Immersions (SNIP)

by admin, September 8, 2014

The Gatorade Sports Nutrition Immersion Program (SNIP) matches full-time sports dietitians with CPSDA student and associate members interested in getting more practical hands-on experience working with athletes and sports programs.

Each participant focuses on career development under the mentorship of a host sports dietitian and receives a stipend to assist with travel, housing and out-of-pocket expenses. Working in cooperation with Gatorade, program managers Chelsea Burkart and Amy Freel match participants and mentors through an in-depth application and review process.

2016 – 2017 Gatorade Sports Nutrition Program Fellows

  • Julia Bell, University of Maryland
  • Kim Feeney, Arizona State University
  • Alyson Heller, Virginia Tech
  • Danielle Mach, Northwestern University
  • Lauren Marucci, Chicago Bears
  • Lauren Papano, Texas A&M University
  • Sophie Pomrehn, Stanford University
  • Meredith Price, United States Olympic Training Center
  • Sarah Stelter, University of Florida
  • Liz Wluka, University of North Carolina

What is the application process to apply for SNIP?
The host-site application process for the 2017- 2018 program closed on December 30, 2016. Interested mentors must submitted an application including:

  • detail on the duration of the immersion program
  • an approximate start date
  • indication of the ability to participate in a kick-off meeting
  • description of interest in hosting a SNIP participant

The participant application process for the 2017 – 2018 program will closed on February 17, 2017. Participants submitted an application including:

  • Description of career goals
  • Description of professional work experience
  • Cover Letter
  • Resume
  • Letter of Recommendation

Who is eligible to apply for SNIP?
SNIP mentors must be active CPSDA professional-members working as full-time sports dietitians in an established sports nutrition program. Interested SNIP hosts who have hosted an immersion for the past two consecutive years (in both 2016 and 2017) will not be eligible to host an immersion for the 2017 – 2018 program.

SNIP fellow candidate must be current CPSDA members in good standing who have a earned their RD credential. Criteria for the immersion programs are based largely on the candidates’ education and previous experience.

How are the host-sites selected?
After 15 potential host sites are selected, an email containing a link to the participant application is sent to all CPSDA student and associate members inviting them to apply as a Gatorade SNIP participant. Within the application, applicants are asked to review a short description of each site (written by the host), and then rank their top 10 site choices should they be selected.

Once all applications have been submitted, the program advisors review the applications and narrow the candidates to a list of finalists. Once the final 10 host sites are determined based on the interest level of the strongest applicants, the application from each finalist is released to the host mentors for review. Mentors select a minimum of 3 candidates from this pool whom they would like to interview and submit this selection to the program advisors who then set up phone interviews between mentors and prospective interns.

After the interview process, mentors are asked to rank their candidates in order of desired hiring. As is similar with the dietetic internship match, the program advisors will make every effort to match top candidate rankings with top mentor rankings in attempt to line up the best possible match for both parties. Ultimately, the final candidates decide the final 10 host sites, as their rankings of site-interest will be used to narrow the final host sites from 15 potential sites to the 10 final sites. Please note that the final 10 host sites will be based on the interest garnered by the strongest applicants. Mentors are then given the opportunity to formally offer their selected candidate once the program advisors have finalized all the matches.