Advanced Practice Workshop

by amy_freel, January 14, 2015

2018 Advanced Practice Workshop:
February 22-23, 2018
University of Texas, Austin

Slated Attendees:

  • Jessica Buschmann
  • Kate Callaway
  • Charlotte Caperton-Kilburn
  • Chase Chesterman
  • Remi Famodu
  • Tiffany Harrison
  • Rachel Higginson
  • Erin Hinderacker
  • Blair Hitchock
  • Lizzie Kasparek
  • Stephanie Kolloff-O’Neill
  • Lauren Marino
  • Alexa McDonald
  • Ashley Meuser
  • Kate Moran
  • Natalie Norris
  • Anthony Paradis
  • Ann Toy
  • Elizabeth Wluka


2018 Advanced Practice Workshop

The intended audience for the CPSDA Advanced Practice Workshop is being fine tuned to a very specific population in order to best serve the growth of our profession in its current state.  This 1.5 day workshop aims to help sports RDs who are currently building or growing a program; those who have been newly promoted within their jobs to a more senior/director role or have been hired with the opportunity to grow a new program.  Guided discussions by a variety of veteran sports RDs will be used to help each attending sports RD think through their mission and vision for their program to establish a lasting infrastructure to meet the needs of their specific institution or organization.

Who should attend?
Full time sports RDs who have been at their job for 6 mos to 3 years and are looking for guidance on how to better build their services into a program rather than just being utilized as person on staff.  Attendees may or may not have benefitted from mentorship already, but should be ready to take their career to a new level.  They must be in a growth mindset to benefit. Veteran Sports RDs will provide insight into their own successes and shortcomings early in their careers for key learnings within the workshop.  This will allow for thoughtful discussion and planning for the future of attendee’s sports nutrition programs within their own institution or organization.

Call for Nominations:
You may nominate yourself or others.  Please send nominations to Becci Twombley, CPSDA Career Development and Advocacy Chair at [email protected].  Nominations will be accepted through Friday, November 24, 2017. Space is limited.  The Advanced Practice Workshop Committee will read through the nominations and choose the group of Sports RDs who will benefit most from the workshop content.

Nominations should include:
Name and credentials of the nominee as well as a short description of why this individual would benefit from the workshop.

Once the nomination is selected:
Nominees will be asked to commit to attending the Thursday evening and Friday workshop.  Upon committing to attend, nominees will submit their Mission and Vision along with a self evaluation questionnaire including feedback on their greatest strengths and weaknesses within their programs.  Focus groups and content of the workshop will then be directly created to meet the maturity of each program.

When is the Advanced Practice Workshop?
The 2018 Advanced Practice Workshop is being help February 22-23, 2018 in Austin, Texas


Thanks to our partners at HumanN for their support of the Advanced Practice Workshop!