Advanced Practice Workshop

by amy_freel, January 14, 2015

2017 Advanced Practice Workshop

The Advanced Practice Workshop prepares early career CPSDA members for the unique demands of a dietitian working full-time in a performance nutrition setting – collegiate, tactical, professional or Olympic.

What is the purpose of the Advanced Practice Workshop?
The purpose of the workshop is to better prepare registered dietitians for the advanced skills and unique challenges required to work in the very competitive, intense performance nutrition environment.

When is the Advanced Practice Workshop?
The 2017 Advanced Practice Workshop will held on February 24, 2017 at the DoubleTree Paradise Resort in Scottsdale, Arizona.

How many attendees participate?
Twelve to 15 early career CPSDA members.

Can CPSDA members apply to attend the Advanced Practice Workshop?
No. Candidates must be nominated by a CPSDA professional or sports dietitian veteran member and then selected by the CPSDA review committee.

2017 Advanced Practice Workshop:
February 24, 2017
DoubleTree Paradise Valley, Scottsdale


  • Cristina Crowder
  • Abby Forman
  • Katherine Hopkins
  • Melissa Ireland
  • Nikki Jupe
  • Kellie Lunday
  • Danielle Mach
  • Susan Marquez
  • Lauren Marucci
  • Jordan Mazur
  • Marta Scechura
  • Lauren Silvio
  • Elaine Wanstreet
  • Nicole White
  • Auburn Wisensale
  • Elizabeth Wluka


Thanks to our partners at HumanN for their support of the Advanced Practice Workshop!