SNIP Fellow Application

by fuelvm, March 6, 2015

The Gatorade Sports Nutrition Immersion Program (SNIP) matches full-time sports dietitians with CPSDA  members interested in gaining more practical hands-on experience working with athletes and sports programs. The deadline for applications is Thursday, February 15, 2018 at midnight EST.

Candidate requirements:

  • Must be a CPSDA member.
  • Must be a credentialed registered dietitian by the time immersions begin in July/August, 2018.
  • Must be able to participate in an on-site training session during the week of June 18, 2018. Travel and accommodations for selected participants will be paid for by Gatorade.

Read through the SNIP participant application guidelines along with the program descriptions for the potential immersion host-site program descriptions which are linked below. To apply:

  • Complete the application fields
  • Upload your resume, cover letter and ONE letter of recommendation.  The one letter of recommendation may also be sent separately to [email protected].

Please note that fellows will not be matched to a host site at which they have previously worked.

Questions? Contact SNIP program managers Amy Culp and Mary Ellen Kelly at [email protected].

2018-2019 Immersion Host-Site Program Descriptions:

Please review the list of potential host sites and read all site descriptions before you submit your ranking.

3rd Group Special Forces – Fort Bragg
Auburn University
Colorado State 
Memorial Hermann IRONMAN Sports Medicine Institute
Milwaukee Bucks
NC State University
Philadelphia Eagles
Purdue University
Texas A&M
University of Florida
University of Maryland
University of Michigan
University of Mississippi
University of Nebraska
University of  South Carolina
University of Wisconsin-Madison 

Complete the application fields below.  Deadline for participant applications is Thursday, February 15, 2018:

First Name (required)

Last Name (required)

Current Mailing Address (required)

Cell Phone Number

E-mail Address

Educational Institution or Internship Program

Graduation Year

Are you currently in grad school (Y/N)?


If you have not yet earned your RD credential, please enter the date you will be a credentialed registered dietitian

Academic Major / Minor

Twitter Handle

Instagram Handle

Career Goals (100 words max)

Describe your most recent professional work experience (100 words) including location of the work, dates employed, job title, basic responsibilities:

ATTENTION APPLICANTS: Please review the list of potential host sites and read all site descriptions before you submit your ranking.

Rank the immersion host-sites in order from one to 10 based your level of interest -- number one being the site you're most interested in and number 10 being the location of least interest to you. Leave six unranked.  Do not list any location that you are not interested in, where you have previously worked or where you're unable to participate due to prior commitments that conflict with the site’s published immersion start and duration.  Candidates choosing fewer than 10 immersion host-sites will not be penalized.

Upload Cover Letter:

Upload Resume:

Upload one letter of recommendation. Your letter of recommendation can be emailed directly by the person of reference to the SNIP program managers at [email protected] If your letter of recommendation will be emailed directly, please upload a page with a single line stating this.

You will receive an email thanking you for your submission within 30 minutes. If you do not receive an email and have checked your junk email, please send an email to [email protected] to confirm your application submission.