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by amy_freel, January 11, 2016

The Collegiate and Professional Sports Dietitians Association collaborates with industry to develop   sports nutrition educational tools and resources.  Check back for new resources on a continual basis.

Sports Nutrition Instagraphics
A team of sports dietitians from CPSDA worked closely with National Dairy Council to create instagraphics on topics athletes may find helpful to power their performance. From recovery nutrition to bone health to lactose intolerance and hydration, each instagraphic provides sports dietitian-recommended tips and short descriptions of the important points on each topic.

Each topic has multiple formats available:

  • Images for easy use in social media and other electronic communication
  • Handouts for distribution and posting
  • A rolling slideshow for use with flat screens and other electronic communication
Strong Bones Support Strong Performance

Bone Health

Download Handout

Hydrate Early and Often

Hydration Screen Shot

Download Handout

Build a Performance Enhancing Plate

Performance Plate Screen Shot

Download Handout

Pre-Workout Nutrition

Pre-Workout Nutrition Screen Shot

Download Handout

Fueling During Exercise

Fueling During Exercise Screen Shot

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Fueling Essentials for the Lactose Intolerant Athlete

Lactose Intolerance Screen Shot

Download Handout

Fueling For Recovery

Fueling for Recovery Screen Shot

Download Handout

Power Performance with Protein

Power Performance with Protein Screen Shot

Download Handout

There are many options for athletes to meet their protein needs. Providing high quality proteins at the appropriate time can help support muscle repair and growth. Developed by the team at Muscle Milk, this downloadable educational chart compares protein options.

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