Member Spotlight

by Sarah Markey, March 23, 2016



CPSDA will highlight the sports dietitians fueling athletes on and off the court during the men’s basketball championship. Follow along as we advance the sports dietitians as the teams advance. Read below as we recognize the work of our membership.

Favorite thing about working with basketball players?

  • Nikki Jupe (Oregon): “Their personalities. My team is diverse with several guys from different countries. I love watching them interact as a team.”

Strategies or challenges with fueling?

  • Kelsee Gomes (North Carolina): “Strategies: Building consistent eating and fueling habits; Challenges: Consistently getting in calories for maintaining weight/energy/recovery in season.”
  • Theresa Logan (South Carolina): “These athletes are constantly balancing their time between training and self-care. We are constantly reminding these guys to eat, suggesting where to eat on campus and how to utilize their resources on campus and on the road.”


  • Monica Fowler (Kentucky): “One of our guys must have mandarin oranges before every game.”

Must have pre-game fuel?

  • Theresa Logan (South Carolina): “Pasta or baked potato, chicken or fish, broccoli, salad.”
  • Nikki Jupe (Oregon): “Pasta bar or brunch food items. They love breakfast foods almost more than pasta.”

Must have snacks for travel?

  • Monica Fowler (Kentucky): “Chews, popcorn, Naked-Juice, bananas, Uncrustables.”

Must have recovery foods?

  • Kelsee Gomes (North Carolina): “Recovery shakes are our most consistent recovery item, but the main focus for our guys is getting a well balanced meal as soon as possible after the practice or game.”