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CPSDA Statement of Purpose

The Collegiate & Professional Sports Dietitians Association (CPSDA) represents the vast majority of Advanced Practice Registered Dietitians in the United States who work full-time with athletes in colleges, professional sports, Olympic training centers, the U.S. Military and in law enforcement. CPSDA’s member-driven national not-for-profit organization speaks with one voice on behalf of America’s leading Sports RDs and is founded on the fundamental “food first” principle that “whole foods are the best fuel,” and that athletic programs operating at every level of competition will best serve their athletes when employing the full-time services of CPSDA-member Sports RDs.

Beyond the improved performance outcomes expected from more efficient recovery when employing the services of a Sports RD, most anti-doping experts agree that the key to minimizing “doping” is to offer effective alternatives, one of the best of which is to employ Sports RDs to manage the full range of foods and permissible dietary supplements for the athletic program.  CPSDA contends that the cost of adding the services of a full-time on-site Sports RD is offset by more efficient management of feeding and dietary supplementation, with the added measurable benefit of helping athletic programs recruit and/or retain the services of athletes. 

The CPSDA is dedicated to providing Continuing Education programs to keep Sports RDs apprised of new developments in our rapidly-evolving global food and dietary supplement supply; developing new education programs to prepare Associate and Student CPSDA members to become reliable and responsible Sports RDs; and to partner with education-based organizations to restore and advance our firm belief that a varied balance of healthy whole foods is the optimal method of fueling athletic performance.                                             

–CPSDA Board of Directors

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Sarah Markey, Director of Operations

Quantifying contributions 
by Sports RDs

The Collegiate & Professional Sports Dietitians Association is a member-driven national not-for-profit organization chartered in the state of Texas as 501c(6) in 2010.

The CPSDA mission is to close the circle of protection around athletes with an emphasis on long-term athletic development and safety--beginning with those participating at the highest levels of sports in the United States--by adding the full-time services of a sports dietitian in college, Olympic, professional and tactical (military) athletic settings,  to work in concert with Support Service Directors responsible for sports medicine and for strength and conditioning.   

The CPSDA vision is to demonstrate to athletes, coaches and to those directing athletic programs that CPSDA "Professional" members (Sports RDs working day-to-day with athletes) contribute to successful athletic programs in a variety of measurable ways. CPSDA Professional Members are Performance Nutrition Professionals who help enhance the performance of athletes; aid in their recovery after exercise; help to recruit athletes to their schools; and direct food and dietary supplement cost-containment programs. 

Quantifying those contributions and conveying findings to key decision-makers in athletic programs throughout the U.S. is one of the primary reasons CPSDA was formed, along with our commitment to mentor the next generation of sports dietitians and culinary nutritionists who are training to answer the call for better management of food programs in athletic programs nationwide.

CPSDA Sports RDs' Guiding Principles

  • We are support service directors who treat everyone with respect and promote the value of character and education
  • We are ethical advisors who track outcome-based research, maintain transparency in our professional relationships, and fully support anti-doping initiatives.
  • We are passionate about the character-building process cultivated by athletics, and as a result, we are valuable recruiting assets for our organization. 
  • We are unrelenting "food-first" advocates to help ensure athletes' health and safety; and we develop partnerships with other safety-driven organizations to ensure fueling solutions are sustainable.
  • We are credible practitioners who stay ahead of the curve on banned substances, performance and recovery topics, and on body composition assessment.
  • We are committed to mentoring athletes' we share insights and educational resources with Support Service Directors in our athletic department; and we mentor students of dietetics who seek to follow in our footsteps.
  • We are dedicated to community outreach with young people who represent the next generation of college, Olympic, professional and tactical (military) athletes; and we strive to assist those who have passed their performance primes to safely de-train with safety and dignity.

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