Muscle Milk "Athlete of the Year" Award Application Form


The Muscle Milk "Athlete of the Year" Award recognizes one male and one female amateur, Olympic, professional or tactical (military, police and fire) athlete whose athletic accomplishments, in the opinion of the Sports Dietitian, reflect dedication to sports nutrition. The two nominating Sports Dietitians whose athletes are selected will be recognized at the 6th Annual CPSDA Conference during the awards banquet in Scottsdale, Arizona May 21, 2014.

CPSDA-member Sports Dietitians may nominate one or more athletes who represent the very best of sports nutrition.  Consider these factors when nominating an athlete:

  • Used sports nutrition to help overcome a health or performance hurdle
  • Taught you (Sports RD) nearly as much as he or she learned from you
  • Inspired you to be an even more compelling teacher of sports nutrition to benefit others
  • Favorably impacted the sports nutrition culture for everyone around them
  • Used sports nutrition as a turning point to meet performance goals
  • Made a simple change (eating breakfast regularly, carrying a water bottle, improving sleep patterns) that resulted in improved performance
  • Used a food-first approach while learning to wisely choose third-party tested dietary supplements 

Completed nomination forms must be received by February 10, 2014. This online application form is self-explanatory, but if you require further information, E-mail CPSDA Scholarship & Awards Chair Caroline Mandel, MS, RD, CSSD; Director of Sports Nutrition, University of Michigan Athletics at:

Follow this procedure to efficiently complete this application process:

  • Start with a blank Word document to provide a response in 250 words or less for each of the following four questions, then copy and paste your completed document into the box below adjacent to the term "Historical Background:"
  1. How would you describe the athlete's "sports nutrition journey?"
  2. What did you learn and how were you affected by working with this athlete?
  3. How did this athlete change the sports nutrition behavior of other athletes?
  4. What special qualities does this athlete possess?
  • Fill in the boxes below starting with your (nominating RD) name and concluding with Athlete's Academic Major/Minor (if applicable); double check that your word document has been properly copied and pasted into the Historical Background box, then click the submit button at the bottom of this page to send to Ms. Mandel. 


Nominating RD's first and last name:

Nominating RD's street address:

Nominating RD's City:

Nominating RD's Zip Code: (5 digits)

Nominating RD's State:

Nominating RD's Cell Phone

Nominating RD's E-mail:

Athlete's Name:

Athlete's year of college as of April 2014:
Year 1,2,3,4, Grad or N/A 

Athlete's Academic Major/Minor or N/A

Historical Background:
Copy and paste your
word document in the
space to the right. In doing
so, you are effectively
certifying that you are a
member of CPSDA in
good standing and the
above information is
accurate to the best
of your knowledge:

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