The Right Stuff ® is 'serious hydration for serious athletes' 

Zero Carb, Electrolyte Liquid Concentrate, Drink Additive

As every sports dietitian is well aware, maximum endurance and optimal performance are often proportional to an athlete's ability to stay hydrated. But many athletes periodically experience negative effects of dehydration: cramps, headaches, muscle fatigue, light-headedness, disorientation, etc.   And so do astronauts. 

In their quest to prevent the negative effects of dehydration, the goal NASA researchers sought to achieve was a superior hydration formula to protect astronauts during the rigors of re-entry and readjustment to Earth's gravity. And like so many other product innovations made possible by NASA research for space travel--shoe insoles, invisible braces, scratch-resistant braces and memory foam, to name just a few--The Right Stuff breaks away from the ordinary so that athletes can achieve the extraordinary. 

John Greenleaf, former NASA research scientist and inventor of the formula, explained: "We developed the rehydration formula to perform optimally under the most extreme conditions. The health of our highly trained astronauts was paramount.  With all that Americans and the government have invested in the space program and our astronauts, this is one clear way to protect and maximize that investment. And now athletes can benefit from this research too."

Based on over a decade of tests with astronauts in space and with athletes on the ground, the result is a superior solution for optimal athletic hydration.

The published research shows that the formula is far superior for:

  • Increasing athletic endurance significantly more than any other formula tested by NASA; important throughout all sports seasons. 
  • Fighting dehydration symptoms better; and especially valuable for your heavy crampers, heavy/salty sweaters, and for those struggling with their endurance.
  • Improving core thermoregulation; helping to protect athletes’ bodies from overheating in times of high exertion and high-heat settings.
The Right Stuff contains no caffeine, sugars or added coloring and is available in natural Berry Blend or Citrus Blend and Orange Tangerine flavors. Every batch is independently third-party tested to ensure there are no contaminants/banned substances along with overall safety and efficacy, so Sports RDs can be sure it measures up to all label claims. 

The Right Stuff has been integrated into training and event-day regimens in a wide cross-section of athletes and organizations from high school, college, pro and the Olympics ranks to first responders and industrial athletes.  

Testimonials from athletes

“I was introduced to The Right Stuff during my quest to conquer the Leadville CO series in 2009.  I used it during the 50 mile mountain bike ride and was pleasantly surprised by not only the light taste but the effectiveness of delivery. This is crucial for me because I have a high sweat rate and need around 1000-1200 milligrams of sodium per hour. The liquid delivery system is quick, easy and most importantly, it allows me to take the guesswork out of my sodium needs. This is just what this ultrarunner, triathlete and sport dietitian needs to strive for optimal performance!”

--Bob Seebohar, MS, RD, CSSD, CSCS

"For years I have been searching for a product to successfully battle the July and August conditions on the baseball field. I finally found that product and have never felt better. Thank you The Right Stuff. " 

--Brent Morel, Chicago White Sox

“When I get strapped behind the wheel of my NASCAR vehicle that reaches over 200 mph, I need to be alert and on top of my game constantly.  Hydration is a huge part of our sport with temperatures well above 120 degrees inside the race car, and preventing dehydration can be very difficult.  I lose up to 10 pounds over the period of a 500 mile race. The Right Stuff is the first hydration product that I have used that keeps me at peak performance throughout the entire race.  I use The Right Stuff before, during and especially after to help me recover."  

--Michael McDowell, #98, NASCAR Sprint Cup & Nationwide Series

“When you're running in some of the harshest, hottest conditions on the planet, it is essential to stay hydrated.  My coach and Sports Dietitian Bob Seebohar introduced me to The Right Stuff after I completed the Atacama Desert. The Right Stuff was literally a game-changer for me.  Not only did it keep me hydrated, without cramps and with more energy, but it took the mind game out of the equation. I was literally freed up to concentrate on the trail ahead of me, just adding a serving into my water bottles at each check point.  The Right Stuff is always part of my kit no matter what race I'm entered into.  I have and will continue to promote the benefits of The Right Stuff to anyone who'll listen to me.  So, send me to the first race on the moon and The Right Stuff will be there with me!"

                        --Linda Quirk, Ultra-Runner, first American woman and oldest person to complete "Racing the Planet" 4 Deserts Grand Slam in one year


Contact: David Belaga
Office: 720-684-6584

NASA research

Some of the NASA findings include:
  • The formula increased athletic endurance by over 20% more than any other NASA-tested formula during high-intensity exercise. Click here for more on this study. 
  • The formula maintained plasma volume at rest and during 70 minutes of exercise whereas carbohydrate solutions did not.Click here for more on this study. 
  • As carbs are burned, their osmotic benefits diminish so the carbohydrate beverages tested are less effective at rehydration. Moreover, isotonic sodium solutions are more effective for restoring and increasing plasma volume than dilute sodium solutions. 

Studies from outside NASA (Dr. Stacy Sims, CPSDA member) corroborate the hydration benefits of
The Right Stuff: 

  • Among well-trained male runners, the key benefits were improved physiological tolerance and exercise capacity compared with low-sodium sports drinks in warm weather conditions. Study Link
  • Among well-trained female cyclists, key benefits were improved physiological status and exercise capacity along with decreased cardiac strain compared with low-sodium sports drinks in warm weather conditions. Study Link

Technology exclusively licensed from NASA: US Patent # 5,447,730

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